Taskforce Named To Select Swiss 2026 Olympic Bid Candidate

Swiss Olympic

Swiss Olympic

The President of Swiss Olympic Jörg Schild will lead “2026 Taskforce,” a group set to guide and evaluate the five candidate projects for the organisation of the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Switzerland” according to a statement Tuesday.

The appointed team met for the first time Wednesday as part of four workshops scheduled for the national Olympic Winter Games nomination process.

The members of the Taskforce will monitor the process and will write an evaluation report on each of the five bid projects early in 2017.  Based on that report, Swiss Olympic’s Executive Council will make a final recommendation to the Swiss Sport Parliament for ratification before September 2017.

The Taskforce will focus on the areas of politics, sport, sustainability, business and tourism.

The members of Taskforce 2026 are:

Jörg Schild, President Swiss Olympic

Thomas Troger, President Swiss Paralympic

Jürg Stahl, Vice-President Swiss National Council, President Parliamentary Sport Group

Didier Cuche, Former skier, Olympic silver medallist
Florence Schelling, Goalkeeper national ice-hockey team, Olympic bronze medallist

Beat Jans, National Councillor, President eco.ch, Foundation Board Swiss Foundation for landscape conservation

Heinz Karrer, President Economiesuisse

Jürg Schmid, Director Switzerland Tourism

IOC Members
Patrick Baumann
René Fasel
Gian-Franco Kasper
Denis Oswald

“The members of the Taskforce will guide and advise to the candidates helping them to enhance their projects in order to produce the best possible potential bids for Switzerland,” Swiss Olympic said in a statement.

During Wednesday’s meeting “national and international experts will talk about their recent Olympic experiences and provide valuable advice to the Swiss candidates.”

Last month Swiss Olympic announced the five projects that have been submitted for evaluation including “Swiss Made Olympic Games” (Western part of Switzerland), “OIympische Winterspiele 2026 Graubtinden und Partner” (Eastern part of Switzerland), “Zentralschweiz 2026” (Central Switzerland), “Switzerland 2026” and “2026 — Games for our future.”

The 2026 Olympic Winter Games bid process will be launched by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2017 with the intention to select a host city in 2019.  Interest in hosting the 2026 Games has come from 2022 runner-up Almaty, Kazakhstan along with Calgary, Canada.  Other potential applicants are Trento, Italy; Dresden, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden.