Quebec City Launches Task Force For Winter Olympic Bid

The National Post reports a Quebec task force has been launched to explore a Quebec City bid for the 2022 or 2026 Winter Olympic Games.

Quebec Premier Jean Charest said Monday, “there is no city in the world better situated for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics”.

Claude Rousseau, president of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Les Remparts, is heading the group.

The provincial government has allocated $1 million left over from the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations last year for task force expenses over the next three years, reports the National Post.

Rousseau’s mandate includes an inventory of existing winter sports facilities, and exploring financing options to upgrade facilities. The third part of his mandate is to draw international winter sporting events to the city.

Observers have said that 2018 would be too early for Quebec City to bid for the Winter Games because the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will award these Games in 2011 – a year after the Vancouver Games.

Premier Charest has said he would support a bid and the provincial government is negotiating with the federal government for infrastructure investments for Quebec City.

The province would also have to convince the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) to support a bid and could face competition from other Canadian cities.

Quebec was in the race for the 2010 Games but the COC chose Vancouver.