Oslo Positive On 2022 Olympic Bid

Following a Sports Board meeting Monday, the City of Oslo is considering bidding to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, although a proposal will have to be completed in 90 days, which could be too tight, reports the Norway Post.

Sports President Borre Rognlien said that both Parliament and the City of Oslo were positive towards an Oslo 2022 bid. The Sports Board has requested that the city prepare a “rough sketch” for the event within 90 days.

Rognlien said, “yes, this could be a tight timeline and we’ll have to adjust depending on what is possible for the city”.

Rognlien told reporters, “if we do an estimate based on the agreements made for the Olympics in 2018, it could easily bring in around NOK one billion”.

The government and the City of Oslo emphasized that an application to host the Olympics will have to represent the people, as well as all the different sports. Parliament and the Sports Board are demanding that a sketch must include plans for various facilities, their size, as well as a budget.

A final decision on a bid won’t be made until summer, reports the Norway Post, and only if Norwegian sports support the application.