Oslo 2022 Needs More Public Support – Officials

The Associated Press reports Norwegian officials have acknowledged they still need to gain public support and government financial backing for an Oslo 2022 Winter Olympic bid.

Bid leaders have said they must win over the politicians and citizens at home, though time is running short.

Oslo Mayor Stian Berger Roesland reportedly said Parliament won’t vote on the financial guarantees until the summer or autumn.

Norwegian International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Gerhard Heiberg said after leading a bid presentation in Sochi, “I think we have time. I think we will convince them. When you talk to the politicians individually, I think they are positive”.

Heiberg added, “it’s a question of having a process in a democratic country. I am of the opinion this will turn in the right direction. We are not there yet, but I think we will get there in due time”.

Inge Andersen, secretary general of the Norwegian Olympic Committee said, “everybody will come on board when the time comes”.

Should Oslo host the 2022 Games, plans show that indoor events and ski jumping will be held in Oslo, with the Alpine competitions being held in Lillehammer, a two-hour drive away.

The IOC executive board will meet Jul 8-9 in Lausanne, Switzerland to decide which cities, either Almaty, Beijing, Krakow, Lviv or Oslo, reach the final stage of the campaign, and the host of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be selected July 31, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.