Opposition To Oslo 2022 Winter Games Bid

The Oslo chapter of Norway’s largest labour confederation, LO, voted overwhelmingly to oppose plans by city officials to host the Oslo 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

This major labour organization said this week that it plans to campaign actively against an Oslo bid, saying it will come at the expense of other more important social services.

Kjersti Barsok, deputy leader of LO in Oslo, told the newspaper Dagsavisen, “now we intend to encourage everyone as clearly as we can to also vote ‘no’ in the upcoming referendum on the issue”.

The organization doesn’t think an Olympics would be in the best interests of the city, despite the redevelopment it would bring and the jobs it would create.

Roy Pedersen, leader of LO in Oslo told Dagsavisen, “if Oslo wins a bid for an OL (Olympics) it will demand billions in investment that the capital needs to meet other goals, noting that some analysts have estimated it will cost as much as NOK 30 billion-50 billion to hold the event, forcing budget cuts elsewhere.

City boosters of the Olympics, led by Eli Grimsby, head of Oslo 2022, have called an Olympics in 2022 “Norway’s great chance” to arrange an Olympics for the third time. She’s promoting a “compact” and efficient Olympics that she claims will be a needed catalyst to a long list of improvements within mass transit, student housing and other developments, in addition to needed new sports facilities.