No More Winter Olympic Games Bids For Salzburg

Gabi Burgstaller, Governor of Salzburg, said Tuesday Salzburg won’t be bidding to host any Winter Olympic Games.

Following a four-month investigation the Salzburg Times reports Burgstaller decided to close Salzburg’s Olympic Committee.

Burgstaller reportedly said it had been naive to think Salzburg could stand up to competition from other winter sports hot spots such as Sochi in Russia, which had the backing of Russian money and powerful figures like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Burgstaller also openly criticized the process of applying to host the Games, reports the Salzburg Times, saying Salzburg won’t seek to host the Olympics again during her political reign and while the rules of competition continue to be so vague.

Salzburg’s bid, supported and officiated by The Austrian Olympic Committee, was shaken last year by a financial scandal which saw its president resign and its general secretary dismissed for embezzling sponsorship funds.