New Zealand 2022 Winter Bid Too Ambitious

A group called the New Zealand 2022 Winter Olympic Bid began a campaign last year to bring the 2022 Winter Games to Christchurch and the ski resort of Queenstown.

The group, headed by Queensland student Jeremy Woodbridge and Australians Matt Lorry and Scott Clark, was also associated with a Brisbane bid for the 2024 Summer Games.

New Zealand Olympic Committee secretary-general Barry Maister said such a plan would be “ambitious in the extreme”. He said, “it’s more (about) showing everybody New Zealand, and what it has to offer”.

Maister added, “I took a look at the infrastructure (of the Salt Lake City Olympics) and thought, “this is way beyond us. I admire people with passion and vision, and people who want to make things happen, but my initial take is that a Winter Olympic Games for New Zealand is ambitious in the extreme.

“It’s on a different scale to anything we do here, and we’re a little country.

“I’m trying not to be sceptical here, but I just think, realistically, we’re a long way from it”.

Woodbridge said, “the outcome of this campaign is to obviously show everybody that New Zealand is an upcoming world-class country. Even if the New Zealand Olympic Committee don’t even consider it, we like having this (Facebook) page that shows the beautifulness of New Zealand”.