Lviv Officially Bids For 2022 Winter Olympics

The Ukrainian city of Lviv launched an official bid Tuesday to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul said a successful bid would be a major boost for the country’s tourism and sports industry. He said, “forty-six million Ukrainians need more sports and tourism infrastructure in the Carpathian Mountains. Our athletes will be able to train at home and Ukrainians will be able to enjoy winter sports in our own country”, said Vilkul, who also heads the bid committee.

Vilkul added, “it will be an impetus not just for promotion of sports and tourism in Ukraine, but a very important component in the economic development of Ukraine, the attraction of the investments, the creation of new jobs, opening Ukraine to the world, returning Ukrainians working abroad to their motherland.

According to Vilkul, holding the Olympics in Lviv, Tysovets and Borzhava will create possibilities for practicing winter sports in this territory, which would attract tourists and professional sportsmen.

He said, “about 50 million people in seven countries live within five hours of Lviv. We will create conditions for doing sports in this part of Europe. Besides, our sportsmen must train in Ukraine, not abroad. Ukrainians who are winter sport lovers will get an opportunity to visit their native Carpathians, with high quality services.

The declaration signed by Mayor Andriy Sadovyy and Sergey Bubka, head of the national Olympic committee, comes just days before the November 24 deadline set by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for expressions of interest.