Joint Norway-Sweden 2026 Olympic Bid Suggested

A Norwegian College of Elite Sport top official told Norwegian outlet Nationen that a joint Norway-Sweden bid for the 2026 Winter Olympic Games would be an exciting idea.

The official suggested a joint bid between Trondheim Norway and Are Sweden, which are about 100 miles apart, but said there had been no talks with Swedish officials.

According to the Olympic Charter it is possible to have a Winter Olympics shared by two countries.

The charter says, “for the Olympic Winter Games, when for geographical or topographical reasons it is impossible to organize certain events or disciplines of a sport in the country of the host city, the IOC may, on an exceptional basis, authorize the holding of these in a bordering country”.

In December, the IOC will be reviewing a new set of reforms to the bidding process as part of President Thomas Bach’s “Agenda 2020”. These reforms are designed to help make the process easier, more efficient and more attractive to potential host cities.

Both Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway submitted applications to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games only to withdraw them later in the campaign due to diminishing domestic public support for the projects.

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