Exploratory Committee Formed For Denver 2022 Bid

An exploratory committee for a Denver 2022 Winter Olympic Games bid has been formed by Gov. John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Hancock Hayes, reports The Denver Post.

The 22-member committee will be led by Don Elliman, executive director of the Charles C. Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Biology at the University of Colorado Medical School, and Anne Warhover, chief executive of the Colorado Health Foundation.

Organizers say the committee will look at financial issues, venue requirements, and the feasibility of hosting the Olympic Games.

Other issues will include the assessment of potential venues for the various competitions and those which would have to be built.

Hickenlooper told The Denver Post, “we’ve asked this exploratory committee to explore all issues relevant to Denver potentially submitting a bid to the USOC. Those issues include making certain any bid would be financially sound and will help economic growth in the state. We would also want to find ways to showcase Colorado as the healthiest state in the nation for work and play no matter of a bid’s outcome”.

The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) is in negotiations with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over the division of television and sponsorship money with the IOC, but once the negotiations end, the USOC is expected to launch a process to find out whether there are sites in the United States to host the 2022 Games, reports The Denver Post.