Committee Recommends Denver 2022 Winter Games Bid

The Denver Olympic Bid Exploratory Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to recommend to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock that Denver bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The committee submitted a seven page report to the Governor and Mayor saying “the committee finds that there are significant benefits to both pursuing a bid as well as hosting the Games”.

Denver had failed Winter Olympic Games bids in 1932 and 1998. The city was awarded the 1976 Winter Games, but opted out after state-wide voters passed a measure in 1972 that banned the use of public money to fund the Olympics.

The group estimates that a Winter Games bid will cost $27.8 million to $45 million.

Don Elliman, co-chairman of the committee said, “our analysis found Denver and Colorado are capable of financing an Olympic bid without seeking additional financial contributions from the public. Our in-depth research of previous bid cities found that even where bids were not successful, the opportunity to bid for the Games had a significant and worthwhile community benefit”.

A poll commissioned by the committee of about 600 Colorado voters showed that 74 per cent favour Denver hosting the Winter Games and 77 per cent favour going through the bid process.

Hickenlooper and Hancock issued a joint statement saying, “it is great news to learn about the committee’s unanimous support of a bid. We will take due consideration of the report, which will inform our decisions on next steps.”

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