China Could Host Winter Olympic Games – FISU President

International University Sports Federation (FISU) President George Killian said China is “absolutely capable” of hosting Winter Olympic Games. Killian was in Harbin China Saturday to attend the biennial university games set to open Wednesday.

He told Xinhua, “Harbin is all ready for the Games. We are going to open a new chapter in the history of FISU on February 18”.

According to Xinhua, China has invested 2.6 billion yuan (US $370 million) to build or upgrade the sport facilities for the Winter Universiade. At the end of November all 47 sports and accommodating facilities for the games had been constructed or renovated, including skating rinks, skiing courses and transportation networks, which have all been upgraded.

Killian said not only athletes but also tourists and sports lovers from around the world would be attracted to the city to enjoy the most advanced sports facilities.

He said Harbin could draw lots of experience from the Winter Universiade, which lays a solid foundation for the city to bid for future Winter Olympic Games.

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