Anti-Olympic Group To Campaign Against Munich 2022 Bid

NOlympia, a group that has vowed to campaign against Munich’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, says it will do it in a business-like fashion.

Axel Doering of the NOlympia alliance told dpa, “we will offer objective resistance. We will try to establish the transparency that the candidates haven’t.”

Although Munich failed in its bid to host the 2018 Winter Games which will be staged in PyeongChang South Korea, German sports and local authorities believe they have an improved concept, are now using an extra venue, and have a good chance of winning the bid if Munich gets past the referendum hurdle.

Opponents of the bid are doubtful about the estimated cost of 3.3 billion Euros ($A4.82 billion) to stage the Games, and also reject claims that the new bill will have a less harmful affect on the environment in the Alpine region.

Doering said the Host City Contract which hosts have to sign with the IOC remains “an oppressive contract”, and criticized that fact that authorities were celebrating the use of Ruhpolding as a fourth venue.

He said,” this was one of our demands at the failed bid for 2018, for which we received nothing but scorn and derision”.

Munich’s mayor Christian Ude said he believed Munich has “a good chance” this time around, with the 1972 Summer Games host city aiming to become the first city to host Summer and Winter editions of the world’s largest sporting event. He said in July, “I consider the Munich bid extremely promising if the referendum brings a clear majority”.

He added, “once the referendum hurdle has been cleared we will have a relatively easy path. We have no rival comparable to PyeongChang. The chance is much better”.