Technical Glitch Doesn't Detract From Our Main Message At OCA: Annecy 2018 CEO

When you’re trying to sell something as complex as an Olympic bid to key decision makers – 10 minutes is not a lot of time. But that’s all the time bidders for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games had when they presented to the Asian National Olympic Committees (OCA) in Guangzhou, China Saturday.

“The main focus of the presentation was the concept,” Edgar Grospiron, the Annecy 2018 CEO told by telephone.

“The strategy was to be by myself, alone, with this presentation. I was going to make a speach for approximately seven minutes; a brief introduction and then a film at the end.”

With so little time advance planning is critical – and so is a little luck – but Grospiron and his team lacked the latter. During the film at the end of the presentation, a technical glitch cause a degraded image and some audio loss.

“All the bids had problems, technical problems, but that happens sometimes; we think our main message was okay.

Grospiron is open about continuous improvement and learning how to do things better. Annecy is considered an outsider at this stage, but he knows that an Olympic bid is a marathon, not a sprint, and with eight months to go there is plenty of time to build the momentum needed to win this race. And as a freestlye skiing Olympic Champion, he knows how to compete and thrive under pressure.

“We are always learning, we always get some comments on how to improve. For example in Asia you don’t speak the same way as in Acapulco, and probably in Europe in two weeks. So how, in Asia, do you interest people from NOC’s that don’t send anybody to the Olympic Winter Games? That was one of our questions and we got answers to those questions so for next time it will be very helpful.”

Annecy, along with competing bids from Munich and PyeongChang, will next present to the European Olympic Committees in Belgrade November 26.