French Sports Minister Wants “Clarity” On Annecy 2018

DPA reports French Sports Minister Chantal Joanna demanded “clarity” Tuesday before deciding whether or not to offer Annecy 2018 bid organizers extra financial support.

Christian Monteil, chairman of the Annecy 2018 supervisory board, reportedly said that the bid budget should be raised from 18 to 20 or 22 million euros. Jouanno responded, “I want to know who is supposed to pay for this”.

She said that Annecy 2018 has already received a government subsidy totalling 800,000 euros, but DPA reports Jouanno dismissed the idea that the French government would have a say in Annecy’s bid merely because of its financial support.

“This remains a sporting bid, exactly as expected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). I have to be told what requirements there are, what is being done, what is intended and how much it is all expected to cost. In the end the State is always contacted”, said Jouanno.

Annecy is competing with Munich and PyeongChang for the right to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games.