French First Lady Shows “We Have A Touch of Glamour”: Annecy 2018 Bid Chief

From Acapulco, Mexico where the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) held their General Assembly Thursday – Annecy 2018 bid Chief Edgar Grospiron spoke to about his bid’s presentation.

“The feedback was very positive because the new concept of the plan is very compact”, Grospiron, an Olympic Champion in freestyle skiing said.

“The way we presented was as a strong team of champions.

“We wanted to give those messages that the identity of the bid is the athletes and is lead by an Olympic champion so I was on the speech floor most of the time – and it was also very important to show that Jean-Claude Killy was fully behind us and through a video it explained the whole story that him and I have.

“We also wanted to show that whole nation is behind us – I think those messages are very clear now.

During the presentation, French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy spoke to the delagates on video. Grospiron spoke about the decision to include the Italian-born former model and singer in the proceeedings and not President Sarkozy.

“We think it is important to show the bid is fully supported by the state but also that we are open… we have a touch of glamour.

“Carla Bruni made it clear when she speaks about French hospitality as an Italian – she speaks about something she knows from the outside.

“Sometime it seems French are concerned about themsleves; this shows that the new generation is more open than it used to be.”

Grospiron was positive about the results.

“The presentation makes us more confident because we know that we shared that our project is strong; it is good for us.

“We know that we will work harder to finalize our candidature file. We will go back to France and will be focused until the end.”

Annecy, along with bids from Munich, Germany and PyeongChang, Korea will submit the candidature file January 11 and the final vote by IOC members will be in Durban, South Africa July 6.