Environmental Groups Sign Agreement With Annecy 2018

Charles Beigbeder, President of Annecy 2018, signed an agreement Friday with Mme. Francoise Camusso, President of the Intercommunal Syndicate for the Protection and Development of Semnoz, and Andre Guerraz, President of the Regional Nature Preserve of the Massif des Bauges, covering their respective commitments to applying the principles of sustainable development to the events hosted at the Semnoz site as part of Annecy’s bid for the 2018 Summer Olympic Games.

The bid committee is promoting Games of sporting, economic and environmental excellence.

The two groups have committed to protecting the site’s natural heritage in the context of the plans for Annecy 2018, and the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events to be held in the Semnoz area in the heart of the Massif des Bauges, the city of Annecy’s “green lung”.

Under the agreement a steering committee will be created for the Semnoz site responsible for jointly validating the options for development of the site with a view to preserving its environment and resources, ensuring that the site is restored to its original condition after the Games are over, and overseeing the implementation of the commitments set out in the agreement.

All the stakeholders are to make a combined effort to consider and implement actions to ensure that high environmental standards are applied at the Semnoz site. These actions will cover the facilities and equipment needed to organize the events and manage water resources, public transportation that respects the environment and agricultural activities on the site, preservation of the exceptional landscape, and environmental improvements to the ski resort.

Charles Beigbeder, President of Annecy 2018 said, “this approach is proof of our intent to host Games that naturally fit with our region, whose quality must be preserved. The objective for Annecy 2018 is to provide the best possible conditions for all the athletes, to offer a broad and innovative program for the sustainable development of the area and to leave behind a significant heritage for young people and the sporting movement, which respects our exceptional natural playing field. We are committed, through these types of actions, to keeping our promises and to contributing to the global reach of the Games and in a sustainable way”.