Annecy 2018 Still Has A Chance – Drut

French International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Guy Drut believes Annecy still has a chance to secure the 2018 Winter Games despite the resignation of bid leader Edgar Grospiron Sunday, reports The Associated Press.

Drut said Annecy is not the favourite, but “is probably the best placed when you look at the technical qualities of the bids”.

Drut said, “this is not over, we already saw outsiders winning a competition. There are still important steps ahead of us that will involve both Jean-Claude Killy and myself”.

Two weeks age Drut and Killy said the revamped approach had failed to impress IOC members and Annecy was still lagging in support.

Chantal Jouanno, head of the French Olympic Committee and French Sports Minister, said a replacement or replacements for Grospiron should be announced early next month.

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