Annecy 2018 Reveals New Slogan

Nine months before the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) selection of the host city for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, Annecy 2018 announced its new slogan “Snow, Ice and You”.

According to an Annecy 2018 press release the bid committee wants to highlight simplicity by celebrating the natural elements which are the fundamentals of the Winter Olympic Games, as defined by the Olympic Charter.

Edgar Grospiron, CEO of Annecy 2018 said, “Annecy and the Savoie Mont Blanc region aspire to organize Winter Games in the heart of the mountains against a truly authentic backdrop in a landscape that is naturally blessed with the essential ingredients for winter sports. Annecy 2018 is also our desire to offer Games on a human scale, without excess, showing the simplicity of the mountain life and its attachment to essential values”.

The purity evoked by snow and ice also underlines the wish to organize Games that are environmentally responsible, in a region that has traditionally respected nature.

The word “You” in the slogan is Annecy 2018’s invitation to celebrate a great festival of sport and the Olympic spirit sent out to every individual from every category of involvement in the world’s biggest winter sports event.

The tagline is illustrated by a creative design from the 360 Euro RSCG agency, and is incorporated into the bid’s official visuals, explains Annecy 2018. “Against a magical mountain background, dominated by Mont-Blanc, the purity and power of the sporting movements are symbolized by an athlete appearing through a puff of snow and ice, the two elements that make up the DNA of both winter sports and the region. The athlete leaps to catch the moon, an ultimate dream, like winning a medal…or hosting the Olympic Games”.