Annecy 2018 Officials Respond To IOC Visit

Jean-Luc Rigaut, Mayor of Annecy, said following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission visit to the city this week, “having the IOC Evaluation Commission with us in Annecy has been a tremendous honour. Everyone in this region lives with sport in their hearts because we have been shaped and guided by the Olympic movement. The members of this IOC Commission are among those who carry this torch forward and we thank them for their hard work and advice this week”.

During the past four days the evaluation commission members examined plans for venues and visited the mountain and coastal sites that would serve as a fitting setting for the Games.

French IOC member Jean-Claude Killy, who played a lead role in the campaign and worked closely with his fellow athletes on Annecy 2018 said, “in our mountain culture we never give up and we do all we can to reach the peak. Especially when a great guide, (the IOC) has shown us the way. We have carried on working on this bid, we have changed things to improve, and this allows us to present today a real project. Annecy 2018 has aligned its actions with its words and will continue to move forward”.

Annecy 2018 President Charles Beigbeder said, “it has been a pleasure to work with the IOC Evaluation Commission over the past week. Our aim has been to show them we can offer an authentic Games in the heart of the mountains, with the athletes and for the future. Thanks to the excellent work of everyone connected with the bid and the enormous passion expressed by the people of Annecy we believe we have done this.

“We admire the work of the Olympic movement and hope we have demonstrated how much we wish to work in partnership with them to benefit winter sports all over the world. Following this important work with the IOC Evaluation Commission it is time to bring our vision to the entire Olympic Family and sporting world. The hard work ahead will be energized by our passion for winter sports, dedication to the Olympic movement and desire to welcome the world to the foothills of the Mont Blanc and pure lake of Annecy”.