Annecy 2018 Has “High Level” Team At SportAccord

Annecy 2018 will have a “high level” line-up to present its bid at the International Sport/Accord Convention on Thursday.

The team is led by bid president Charles Beigbeder. A video message from French International Olympic Committee (IOC) member and triple Olympic gold medallist Jean-Claude Killy will be featured in the presentation.

Killy said, “as I said following the IOC Evaluation Commission visit, Annecy is back in the race. The bid committee is working well. I met with them last Friday for a productive working session ahead of Sport/Accord in London, which will be an important step. This bid is authentic, sincere, and of a high sporting quality. In my role as an IOC member, I will be supporting it all the way to Durban”.

There are also several Olympic champions at Sport/Accord demonstrating the input and support of athletes for Annecy 2018, said a press release.

Beigbeder said, “we would like to thank Sport/Accord for giving us the opportunity to present our vision of an authentic Games in the heart of the mountains that would seek to benefit winter sport worldwide. I am looking forward to standing in front of the delegation with such a strong team representing both the strong support for this bid and France’s dedication to Olympics.

“We want to learn about how we can stage a Games that helps the sustainable growth of Winter Sports worldwide so it is important for us to spend this time with members of the Olympic Family to listen to them and to learn from their experiences. Sport/Accord London provides a great chance for us to do this and we thank the organizers and Olympic family for their warm hospitality so far”.