Annecy 2018 Gets More Funding

Annecy 2018’s head Charles Beigbeder said Wednesday that Annecy’s bid budget for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has increased to $29 million after two state bodies committed $3.3 million to the campaign.

Beigbeder was appointed head of Annecy’s bid last month after former Olympic gold medalist Edgar Grospiron stepped down amid disagreements over funding.

Beigbeder told The Associated Press, “I have several other projects with private companies which need to be finalized. The money doesn’t make everything, but its important to promote the bid. More money will allow us to be more ambitious”.

Beigbeder also announced the appointment of Andrew Craig as a bid consultant. Craig worked as a senior adviser on winning Olympic bids for Vancouver, London and Sochi.

Beigbeder said, “we have formidable trump cards on our games. I’m convinced we can win”.

The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission will be inspecting Annecy’s bid February 9-12.

Annecy is competing against PeyongChang and Munich for the right to host the 2018 Winter Games.