Annecy 2018 Emphasizes Tradition At SportAccord Presentation

(London) – French entrepreneur and President of Annecy 2018 Charles Beigbeder led a high-profile team to present to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Sport Federations at SportAccord in London Thursday.

The presentation featured three videos that consumed the bulk of the presentation time allotted to the Annecy team.

Denis Messeglia, President of the French Olympic Committee spoke in French about French sport history and legacy opportunities, then introduced the first film that focused on the technical plans and venues for Annecy’s bid.

A second video portrayed a typical sport-filled day in Annecy and Chamonix – it highlighted local tradition, sport, transportation and used phrases such as “Venice of the Alps”, “World’s number one sport destination” and “birthplace of the Olympics” to emphasize the images.

A third video featured former Olympic Champion Jean-Claude Killy on the theme “snow, ice and you”. Killy, considered an important sport ambassador to the bid has been absent from Annecy presentations causing many observers to question his dedication to the cause.

Bid CEO Charles Beigbeder, who was appointed to Annecy 2018 in January after former President Edgar Grospiron resigned, spoke briefly on his recent involvement in the bid.

“This is my first SportAccord,” he said.

Beigbeder, a highly successful French entrepreneur, has the ability to lend much support to the bid – and he promised “Games that reunite the rich heritage of the Alps with Olympic and Paralympic sport to stage a passionate and powerful celebration…devised with athletes and hosted by welcoming mountain communities.”

Jean-Luc Rigaut, the Mayor of Annecy spoke about the benefit his city would enjoy as a legacy of the bid. He said it would be a catalyst for sustainable development and would create needed housing and transportation links in the community.

“We guarantee a unique welcome for every participant of the Winter Games,” he said.

Chantal Jouanno, the French Minister of Sport spoke of her team and the strong support the government is lending to the project.

After the presentation the Minister responded to reporters’ questions suggesting that Annecy was behind in the race.

“This is a mountain for us, this is a mountain for South Korea, this is a mountain for Germany, this is a mountain for everyone,” she said.

“This is a new bid; a new team now, the evaluation commission was good; we are in the race just as the other two candidate cities.

“Just remember Rio; Rio was given to be the outsider and Rio won – so it’s never too late.”

PyeongChang is next to present at 14:30 (local London time).