Annecy 2018 Delegation In Marrakech

An Annecy 2018 delegation is in Marrakech March 17 to 19 to attend the 5th edition of the Africa International Sports Convention (CISA). The delegation is led by Annecy 2018 President Charles Beigbeder. Other members of the delegation include Vice President Jean-Pierre Vidal, and Guy Drut, President of the International Bureau and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Throughout the three-day convention the debate has been focussing on Arica’s ability to organize major sporting events and the legacy which such events leave for the host cities or countries.

Annecy 2018 President Charles Beigbeder said, “Guy Drut’s presence by our sides was a further reminder of the total involvement of our nation’s sporting community behind the Annecy bid. We are keen to continue our efforts to meet up with major international sports specialists worldwide in order to further develop our own experience”.

Annecy 2018 will visit Seoul next week for the Annual Conference of the International Sports Press Association March 22-24, and then on to Noumea for the General Assembly of the Oceania National Olympic Committees March 24-26.