Annecy 2018 Confirms Support For Bid

Edgar Grospiron, CEO of Annecy 2018, has confirmed Guy Drut and Jean-Claude Killy’s support for its 2018 Winter Olympic bid in response to an article in French sports daily L’Equipe on Sunday.

In a press release Grospiron said, “last June the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asked Annecy to present a more compact organization. Three months later, with the unfailing support of all concerned, Annecy 2018 presented a new, ultra-compact concept organized around the two main bases, Annecy and Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

“This concept is fully in line with the IOC’s demands, and was welcomed at the majors’ international presentations. Annecy 2018 has thus demonstrated its ability to adapt quickly in response to the IOC’s remarks, with the ultimate aim of submitting the best offer to host the 2018 Winter Games.

In a month’s time on January 11, 2011, Annecy 2018 will submit its bid book to the IOC, along with guarantees issued by the State, all the local authorities and economic stakeholders”.

He added the bid is about to move into a new phase and to prepare for this new phase the supervisory board has taken stock of the progress still to be made in terms of its international promotion efforts, which began at the Vancouver Olympics.

The bid committee, fully aware of the level of demand on the international stage, “has already put together a new organization designed to strengthen this international promotion, calling upon the necessary financial and human resources, in absolute compliance with Annecy 2018’s declared values”.

While confirming the remarks Drut made, Grospiron admitted the bid needed more financial support if Annecy was to upset its competitors Munich and PyeongChang. He said he has spoken to Drut and Killy by phone and they were right behind Annecy.

Grospiron admitted it would be easier if they had strong financial support from the French Olympic Committee. AFP reports the working budget for France was 16 million euros while Munich is believed to have double the amount.