Swedish PM Löfven Will Lead Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic Bid Delegation In Lausanne Ahead Of Vote

Reporting from Lausanne, Switzerland – Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will lead a powerful delegation representing the Stockholm Åre 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid next week in Lausanne, Switzerland that will also include Crown Princess Victoria, the heir apparent to Sweden’s current head of state.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will attend final presentation for Stockholm Are 2026 Olympic bid in Lausanne (SOK Photo)

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will attend final presentation for Stockholm Are 2026 Olympic bid in Lausanne (SOK Photo)

On Monday the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will elect its 2026 host city at a Session in the Olympic Capital, choosing from between Sweden’s candidate and a joint Milan-Cortina bid from Italy.

Löfven will join his Italian counterpart at the final presentation and vote; on Wednesday Reuters reported that Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will also travel to Switzerland to plead his case directly to the IOC.

According to a statement from the bid,  Löfven “will personally convey his government’s unequivocal support for Stockholm Åre 2026’s bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sweden for the first time in history.”

The Prime Minister will be joined by the Stockholm Mayor Anna König Jerlmyr, Governor of Stockholm County Sven Erik Österberg, Åre Mayor Daniel Danielsson, Falun town Project Manager Sara Tigerström Monfelt and the Mayor of Sigulda, Latvia, Ugis Mitrevics.

The Crown Princess has been a committed supporter of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements and she is a member of International Paralympic Committee’s Honorary Board.

The strong political representation will help demonstrate that the Swedish government is fully supportive of the bid and a Games that would be national in scope.

Sweden’s delegation will also include Olympic Champions and renowned athletes including ice hockey great Peter Forsberg, and leaders of Swedish companies including from Volvo, Ericsson and Permobil.

Prime Minister Löfven will use the opportunity to emphasize that hosting its first ever Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be a national project for Sweden, a nation with winter sports in its DNA. The Swedish government is fully supportive of the bid and the Games.

“We are convinced that an Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sweden will be fantastic, and something for the whole country to look forward to,” Löfven said.

“It will bring Sweden together and we will benefit in many different areas, such as jobs, business, integration and public health. Everything is connected and it is important that we see the bigger picture. It is good for Sweden and we are good at delivering major events.”

Italian Prime Minister Conte To Attend Olympic Bid Vote In Support Of Milan-Cortina 2026

Stockholm Åre 2026 bid Chief Richard Brisius said “The Prime Minister of Sweden travelling to the Olympic Capital to represent Stockholm Åre 2026 shows the depth of national support for our bid.”

He added “Stockholm Åre 2026 is very proud to have Crown Princess Victoria as a member of our team for this crucial visit to Lausanne.”

“Her passion for environmental sustainability and for providing access to sport for all will be a tremendous asset to our bid.”

Some of the Swedish delegation has already begun to arrive in Lausanne amid emerging reports that the IOC still seeks some guarantees from the bid, specifically around the construction of the Olympic Village.  According to AFP the IOC sent a letter to the campaign on June 14 asking for further clarification around the gap.

Spokespeople from both the bid and the IOC are downplaying the issue only four days away from the final vote, describing the underlying dialogue as “fine tuning.”

Robert Livingstone will be reporting from the 134th IOC Session and 2026 Host City Election being held in Lausanne, Switzerland Starting June 24.  Follow him on Twitter @enotsgnivil to keep up-to-date.

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