Star Olympians And Paralympians Head To Lausanne To Support Swedish And Italian Olympic Bids

Several star Olympians and Paralympians are on their way to Lausanne, Switzerland to support their bids to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games ahead of a decisive vote set for next Monday, June 24.

Åre and Östersund in Sweden set to host 2023 World Para Snow Sports Championships (SOK Photo)

Close to 90 International Olympic Committee (IOC) members will be eligible to vote when either a Stockholm Åre proposal from Sweden or the Milan Cortina offering from Italy is elected to host the 2026 Games.  Both bids hope to bolster their campaigns by demonstrating strong support from national athletes (full list below).

Sweden has touted its “golden line-up” of national sports heroes who have participated in multiple editions of the Games – and hope that they can convince voters to award the Nordic nation its first-ever Winter Olympics and Paralympics.  In total, they represent 20 medals including 15 in gold.

“Bringing the Games to Sweden with Stockholm Åre 2026 would be a sensational victory for Swedish sports and for Sweden as a country,” double Olympic gold medallist in ice hockey Peter Forsberg and Olympic gold medallist Alpine skier Frida Hansdotter said.

Headlined by superstar champion skier Alberto Tomba, Italian athletes who will be boosting a Milan-Cortina 2026 in Lausanne will include eight men and eight women champions from past, present and future Games.  Together, they have collected 66 Olympic and Paralympic medals, including 24 gold, 17 silver and 25 bronze.

Athletes will be arriving in Switzerland from Monday (June 17) and will help promote their bids to members who will attend both the IOC Executive Board meeting beginning Wednesday, and the IOC Session starting next Monday.  On Sunday, many will attend the inauguration of Olympic House, the new IOC headquarters said to be one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the world.

The bids will deliver technical briefings to members in the morning before final presentations later in the afternoon followed by a single closed-ballot electronic vote.  The winner is expected to be announced at 6:00mpm local time (18:00 CEST, 12:00 pm EDT).

Representing Sweden in Lausanne

Jonas Bergqvist, ice hockey, 1 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic bronze
Peter Forsberg, ice hockey, 2 Olympic gold
Tomas Gustafson, skating, 3 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic silver
Frida Hansdotter, alpine ski, 1 Olympic gold
Stefan Holm, athletics, 1 Olympic gold
Anna Holmlund, ski cross, 1 Olympic bronze
Jänis Kipurs (Latvia), bobsleigh, 1 Olympic gold and 1 Olympic bronze
Agnes Knochenhauer, curling, 1 Olympic gold
Gunnar Larsson, swimming, 2 Olympic gold
Sara McManus, curling, 1 Olympic gold
Anette Norberg, curling, 2 Olympic gold


Additionally, Stockholm Åre 2026 ambassadors Maria Pietilä Holmner, Jessica Lindell Vikarby and Anna Laurell Nash, who together participated in eight Olympic Games, will also be present.


Other contributors will include Olympian Jennie-Lee Burmansson and Paralympian Aaron Lindström, the youngest Swedes to compete at PyeongChang 2018.


Representing Italy in Lausanne

Alberto Tomba – Alpine Ski champion
Armin Zöggeler – Luge champion
Federico Pellegrino – Cross Country Ski medalist
Giacomo Bertagnolli (Paralympian) – Alpine Ski champion
Manuela Di Centa – Cross Country Ski champion
Arianna Fontana – Short Track Speed Skating champion
Sofia Goggia – Alpine Ski Champion
Michela Moioli – Snowboard champion
Elisa Confortola – Short Track Speed Skating
Francesca Porcellato (Paralympian) – Cross Country Ski champion
Carlo Mornati – Rowing medalist
Antonio Rossi – Canoe champion
Giuseppe Abbagnale – Rowing champion
Aldo Montano – Fencing champion
Alessandra Sensini – Sailing champion
Diana Bianchedi – Fencing champion

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