Survey Shows More Poles Against Krakow Hosting 2022 Winter Games

A survey carried out April 28 by the Homo Homini Institute with 1100 people being interviewed shows that 31 per cent of respondents nationwide were in favour of Krakow hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, while 10.6 per cent said it was “difficult to say” whether or not the bid should be continued.

The survey was held just weeks before a May 25 referendum on a Krakow bid.

Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Krakow, told Polish Radio that he will continue to try and convince Poles and the people of Krakow themselves that the Games will be profitable. He said that there has been a negative campaign against the bid, and that opponents of the idea “told people the Games are counter productive and that we can’t afford them, without showing any data”.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will announce the host city of the 2022 Winter Games in July 2015. Oslo, Beijing, Almaty and Lviv are Krakow’s competitors.

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