Oslo 2022 – No Major Weaknesses

Oslo’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games does not have “any major weaknesses” in its plan, according to a review by external experts DNV GL.

Anders Magnus Loken said, “the application described a relatively restrained concept and our findings were in line with the application material”.

The external review estimated the state guarantee for the 2022 Games would total 35.1 billion kroner (5.68 billion dollars), but with deductions from income from sponsors and other sources it was estimated at 21.7 billion kroner.

“The report will be studied thoroughly” said Thorhild Widvey, Minister of Culture.

Oslo Mayor Stian Berger Rosland told the online edition of daily VG, “if the people wish, there will be an Olympic party in Oslo 2022”.

According to the report the Games would attract more participants than estimated.

The public transport system could also have difficulty with coping with the needs of the public not heading for Olympic venues.

The report added that Oslo also needed to clarify the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) tax status in Norway.

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