Oslo 2022 Bid In Jeopardy

Oslo’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games received a blow Sunday as one of the two Norwegian government parties voted against the bid, announcing it would not support state funding for the event.

The right wing populist Progress Party adopted a resolution during its congress that said hosting the Olympics would be too costly and draw funds from essential areas such as health care and education.

It said hosting the Olympics would affect the government’s ability to fund infrastructure projects, education, healthcare and tax cuts.

Atle Simonsen, head of the party’s youth wing, told public broadcaster NRK “believing that the Oslo Olympics would cost under 50 billion kroner, ($8.5 billion, 6 billion Euros) is believing in Santa Claus, when the Sochi Olympics cost 500 billion”.

Another delegate, Per Sandberg, said the decision put an end to Oslo’s Olympic plans, which can only go ahead now if the main governing party Hoyre gets the support of the opposition Labour party.

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