Lviv's Bid For 2022 Winter Games Won't Be Derailed

Ukrainian officials said Sunday at a news conference in Sochi to promote their bid that the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Lviv won’t be derailed, it will help unite the country.

Acting Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Vikul said, “Ukraine will resolve all its political problems and issues and will come out stronger and together”.

Sergei Bubka, head of Ukraine’s national Olympic Committee, said the Games are eight years away and Lviv has time to sort out the situation. He said, “it will be settled. We are building our future and democracy. The major issue in this moment, I’m confident it will be settled shortly.

“I’m confident that the Games will make our nation stronger. I’m confident in a bright future for our country”.

Lviv bid officials said hosting the Olympics would help Ukraine “jump 20-30 years forward”.

Officials said they would not pull out of the race and will submit their detailed files to the IOC by the March 14 deadline.

Officials also said the bid has wide backing from the government and the public with 70 per cent support.

The city of Lviv would host the indoor events, as well as bobsled and luge. Ski events would be held in the Carpathian mountains 150 km (90 miles) west of Lviv.