Krakow Referendum Could Impact 2022 Bid

Krakow Poland is holding a referendum May 25, which the Krakow Post reports will be the first of its kind in modern Poland. The referendum will ask Krakow’s citizens four questions on major city policies, including one that asks if they are in favour of organizing a Krakow Winter Olympics in 2022.

Voters will be asked to provide a “yes” or “no” answer, and the results will be binding on Krakow City Council, provided the turnout exceeds 30 per cent.

The Krakow Post reports that three weeks before the referendum, the anti-Olympic camp seems to have greater support, with the Krakow Against the Olympics Facebook page having gained ten times the number of supporters as the Krakow Is Worth the Olympics page, (20,500 vs. 2,250).

Krakow has launched a major public information campaign intended to persuade voters of the merits of the Olympic bid, including television, Internet and billboard ads.

But a national poll carried out by the Homo Homini Institute found that 58 per cent of respondents thought the bid was a bad idea.