Five Cities Meet 2022 Winter Olympic Games Application Deadline

Five cities – Krakow Poland, Oslo Norway, Almaty Kazakhstan, Lviv Ukraine and Beijing China – met the March 14 deadline for submission to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of their Application Files to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The files will be studied by an IOC-appointed working group which will then submit a report to the IOC Executive Board. The board will then decide which of the five cities will be selected to be Candidate Cities and proceed to phase 2 at meetings in Lausanne from July 7-9.

Applicant Cities may make their Application Files public and post them on their web sites starting March 15; watch for details on

Applicant Cities who are selected as Candidate cities have until January 2015 to submit their Candidature files which are in-depth blueprints of the cities’ Olympic projects.

The IOC President will then appoint an Evaluation Commission made up of IOC members and experts to visit each Candidate city and prepare a technical risk assessment to assist the IOC members in electing the host city. This report will be made available to all IOC members ahead of a two-day briefing that provides the members with the opportunity to question the cities directly about their Olympic projects.

In the past, application file deliveries have occured with fanfare surrounding the “official presentation”, but this time they have been relatively low key. While Krakow’s bid team published official photos while sending an official delgation – Almaty quietly delivered their file early and Oslo’s was unpublicized possibly due to low public support in Norway. Beijing delivered their file incognito and Lviv Ukraine reportedly couriered their application amidst the Crimean crisis at home.

Troubles surrounding the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics – including record-breaking costs – have soured public opinion on bidding for the Olympic Games and that is clearly creating an impact on this bid process. IOC President Thomas Bach has committed to reforming the process to help reduce cost and increase hosting accessibility and creativity and the five 2022 bids are acclimating to the new environment.