Details Of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Bid Revealed

Beijing 2022 Candidate City Logo

Beijing 2022 Candidate City Logo

Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which has already been submitted to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for review, is based around three main concepts, including sustainable development, economics and a focus on the athletes.

Xu Da, Deputy Head of the Beijing 2022 bid committee said, “two thirds of the competition and non-competition venues are inherited from the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, so this will greatly reduce the cost of construction.  In addition, more of the construction and repairs to the venues will be done by the private sector to reduce the burden on the tax payer”.

Athlete’s convenience is also outlined as a primary consideration for Beijing 2022.  The Sochi Winter Games came under heavy for the overall shape of the athlete accommodations, with many basic services such as showers and food left wanting.

The details of Beijing’s plans, complete in the three-volume bid book, are available by following this link.