David Beckham, Shaun White Throw Support Behind Beijing 2022

International sport celebrities and champions appear in a new Beijing 2022 video supporting the Chinese bid for the Olympic Games.  Famous British footballer David Beckham and American Olympic Champion snowboarder Shaun White encourage the bid in short clips as part of a one-minute video portraying Chinese citizens enjoying Winter sport.

Also portrayed are Chinese Olympians including basketball superstar Yao Ming and short track champions Zhang Hong and Yang Yang.

With just over three months remaining in the campaign Beijing, and the city’s sole competitor Almaty, are working to raise the awareness of their bids ahead of the final election on July 31.  The field was formerly made up of six cities, but four European bids dropped out of the race due to various political and economic reasons and the remaining Asian cities have been left in what now appears to be a lackluster competition.

Bids now organizing for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, a race that won’t even officially open until September, now appear to be commanding the attention of Olympic watchers.

The video “Beijing come on!” has been released just over one week past the International Olympic Committee’s evaluation of Beijing’s venues and plans to host the Games.

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