Almaty 2022 Says Bid Is On Track

The Almaty 2022 bid committee presented the bid’s current status and the work done in the last months to the stakeholders of Almaty’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, at the Mayor’s office in Almaty. The stakeholders were happy with the preparations of Almaty 2022, but although the bid is on track, there is still a lot of hard work to be done for it to become a Candidate City.

Almaty’s Mayor Akhmetzhan Yesimov, welcomed the bid committee. He said, “at the last session of the XXIV Assembly of Kazakhstan, the President of our country Nursultan Nazarbayev, for the first time on such a big political event, said that Kazakhstan is very serious about winning the right to host the Games. These words are the highest political support we can get”.

Among the decisions discussed and approved at the meeting were all necessary regulations regarding the land reservation for competition and non-competition venues, and the Mayor approved a decision to establish a Public Council and a Board of Trustees of the bid.

The Mayor also accepted the report of the bid committee on the application phase and current planning status. Necessary instructions on the preparation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Video Conference in May were given to the Working Group of the Bid Committee dealing with it.

The Mayor added, “as of now I think we can be happy with what the bid committee and all stakeholders of Almaty 2022 have done. It is a challenge but we have some talent here to accept it. Almaty always was and still is a very sporting city. People love sport, summer and winter, and nature is part of our daily life. If we combine that with an excellent technical job we have a good chance to become Candidate City. But we still have to work hard for this especially when the IOC allows us to present the bid at the upcoming video conference”.

Tastanbek Yessentayev, chairman of the Kazakhstan Agency of Sports and Physical Culture said, “we have support of all levels of Government and the sports community of Kazakhstan is backing us too. Let’s hope that our technical plan is good enough to convince the IOC to shortlist us as Candidate City. If that’s the case, we will not just try to become an excellent technical but also would show the Olympic Family that Kazakhstan is a very open and friendly country. And with all our experience in hosting big sports events, like the Asian Winter Games 2011, AIBA’s boxing World Championships 2013 or the Winter Universiade 2017, just to name a few, we will be prepared to host the Olympic Winter Games in eight years if we get the honour to host them. Kazakhstan is a young country and developing quickly”.

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