Almaty 2022 Olympic Winter Games Will be Compact, Efficient: IOC Application

With only four venues to be built, Almaty’s bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games won’t be the money pit that was created by Sochi 2014.

According to the bid application file obtained by Wednesday, Almaty will build a hockey and curling arenas, a freestyle and snowboard facility, a figure skating arena and a sliding complex. The balance of the 12 venues required already exist and can be refurbished for the Games.

Almaty officials previously denied that they will pour money into the project like Russia had, despite Kazakhstan’s immense oil wealth.

For the bid campaign the team has budgeted only $34.5 million (USD) – a relatively low amount for typical winter bids – but that number could change.

A recent poll suggests that 65% support Kazakhstan’s bid

Avoiding any possibility that it could be pigeon-holed as an Asian bid, the application states that Almaty 2022 is an “Olympic Winter Games to be held in the heart of Eurasia.”

The Winter and Summer Games that precede 2022 will both be held in Asia.

The Games concept will be compact and centred around a new Olympic Park in the North East part of the city. It will be the home to figure skating, curling, hockey, hotels and the media village. The park will be only 10 minutes from the International Airport.

All of the venues will be within a 35km radius.

Almaty is a burgeoning sports nation but without a winter sport culture – it will need to convince the IOC that the nation can embrace the Games. The IOC will draw up a short list in July from bids including Beijing China, Krakow Poland, Lviv Ukraine and Oslo Norway.

The final election will take place July 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.