Yuna Kim “Working Hard” To Prepare For PyeongChang 2018 Presentations

PyeongChang 2018 Athlete Ambassador Yuna Kim is scheduled to present for the South Korean Olympic bid in Togo this week and then in Durban, South Africa next week. The Olympic champion figure skater, television personality, pop singer and national superstar is taking her role seriously and trying to rally support behind her team’s efforts.

“Please send your good wishes to all of our Pyeongchang bid team members so that we can bring back good results!!”, Kim wrote on her Website.

“I’ll do my best so that I can bring back good news!!!”

Despite her busy career, Kim is taking the time to travel to Africa with the bid team for the next two weeks.

“There are only a few more days left until the results of the PyeongChang bid come out,” she said.

“Nowadays I’m working hard on my training and presentation rehearsals

“I do feel a little less nervous thanks to my previous presentation experience. But I think that my heart will be pounding like crazy when I actually have to do it though.”

She was very optimistic before he departure on Monday.

“We’ve all worked hard so far, and I am confident we will have good results in the end,” she told Yonhap News.

PyeongChang will face-off against Annecy, Frnace and Munich, Germany on July 6 when an International Olympic Committee vote will determin wich city will host the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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