No Bid From USOC For 2018 Winter Games

The Gazette reports the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) won’t be bidding to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, putting a bid from Denver to host its first Winter Games on hold.

Chicago is one of four finalists in the race for the 2016 Summer Olympics and the host city will be selected Oct. 2, 2009, weeks before the IOC deadline for receiving applications from 2018 bid cities, reports the Gazette.

Darryl Seibel, spokesman for the USOC said, “there won’t be a 2018 bid. Our sole focus is on 2016 and doing everything we can to support Chicago. We have given absolutely zero consideration to any other bids”.

He added an Olympic bid “requires a long-term, sustained commitment and a demonstration of what your city and region has to offer. We’ve had zero discussions with Denver about the idea of an Olympic bid”.

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