No 2018 Olympic Winter Bid From China

There will be no 2018 Winter Olympic bid from Harbin reports news agency Xinhua.

Harbin made a failed attempt to win the 2010 Winter Games but was weakened by the fact that China was already preparing for the Beijing Games. Harbin was trying to rally a new bid for 2018,

“They gave many reasons including the overwhelming advantages of other candidate cities and Harbin’s not-so-good infrastructure,” an unnamed government official said about a document written asking Harbin not to join the bid.

The State General Administration of Sport refused to support the bid, according to Xinhua.

The Beijing Legal Evening News reported that Changchun, the other Chinese city that was vying for the 2018 Games, was also turned down by the state authority.

The application deadline for 2018 hopefulls is Thursday.

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