IOC Accepts All Three 2018 Olympic Bids To Next Phase

In Lausanne, Switzerland today, the International Olympic Committee approved bids from Annecy in France, Munich in Germany and PyeongChang in South Korea to move to the final round of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games bid process. The three bids were the only applicants when nominations closed last year.

Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli of the IOC made the announcement at the conclusion of the Executive Board Meeting reviewing the applicant cities.

Because of the small field – the smallest in 30 years – there were no expectations that the list would be shortened as has been the process in the past several years. There were seven applicant cities for the 2014 Winter Games that were eventually won by Sochi, Russia.

The IOC added one remark, asking that Annecy should review their venue concept.

The bids now enter their candidacy phases and the IOC will allow them to begin international marketing campaigns. They have until January 11, 2011 to submit their full bid documents and can expect a site evaluation from the IOC in March 2011.

The IOC members will elect a winner July 6, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.

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