Transcript: Tokyo 2016 Olympic Bid Presentation

[Provided by the Tokyo 2016 Bid Committee]

Tokyo 2016 Final Presentation Script

2 October 2009

[1] Resa Mishina


I’m Resa.

I’m 15.

I’m a gymnast. Doing sport gives me hope. It gives me strength. And gives me the

courage to face all sorts of challenges. Like coming here today to talk to you.

While I’m not a head of state, I represent a group bigger than any nation: today’s youth.

Your future Olympians. Or maybe not.

I have friends all over the world. But not many are interested in sport like me. There are

too many other distractions. When we talk about the future, we all agree that it’s pretty


Lots of things worry us.

Like climate change and the environment.

And issues of right and wrong, like the way society excludes some people, or the

unfairness of doping in sport.

So our worries are very much like yours. Which is why I’m here.

If things continue as they are, I worry that there won’t be many people who want to play

sport. There may not even be many places left to play sport.

That’s why your decision on staging the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games is so

important. Please choose a city that addresses the concerns of young people like me. A

city that demonstrates a commitment to our future. And a city that shares your

commitment to sport and the future of the Olympic Movement. For 2016 and beyond.

Thank you.


[2] Chiharu Igaya

President Rogge, Honorary Life President Samaranch, distinguished members of the

Executive board, dear colleagues and friends.

Resa has just outlined some challenges and opportunities for our movement.

And to tell you how Tokyo 2016 aims to work with the IOC to meet these challenges, I

would like to introduce our team.

First, the new Prime Minister of Japan: Yukio Hatoyama.

The Governor of Tokyo: Shintaro Ishihara

My great colleague, and IOC Member and Olympic medallist: Shun-ichiro Okano

The President of the Japanese Olympic Committee and Olympian: Tsunekazu Takeda

The Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016: Ichiro Kono.

Executive Board Member of Tokyo 2016 and Olympic Champion: Yuko Arakida.

Five time Paralympic Champion: Junichi Kawai.

Executive Board Member of Tokyo 2016, Olympic Champion and double medallist: Koji


Chair of Tokyo 2016 Athletes Commission and two-time Olympic Medallist: Mikako Kotani.

Two-time Paralympian: Aki Taguchi.

And of course our gymnast, Resa Mishina.

Dear Friends, as Resa made clear, today we face an important choice.

Today, we decide which city will, in 2016, follow Vancouver, London and Sochi in charting

the course of Olympism in the twenty-first century.

Let us recall the goal of Olympism described in our Olympic Charter – to place sport at the

service of a social mission: the harmonious development of humankind, a peaceful society

and human dignity.

So let us choose Games that go beyond economic success or regional development.

That will give the youth of the world the courage to face the challenges ahead.

Now, it is my honour to introduce the Prime Minister of Japan Mr Yukio Hatoyama.


[3] PM Yukio Hatoyama

President Rogge,

Distinguished Members of the International Olympic Committee,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, may I express my deep respect for the achievements of the International

Olympic Committee in leading the Olympic Movement. I have always been impressed by

the Movement’s contribution to building a better world by educating youth through sport.

I assumed the office of Prime Minister of Japan just two weeks ago.

I have made it my mission to come to Copenhagen to express my strong support for

Tokyo as the host city for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I am here with my

wife, Miyuki, to convey to you in person the heartfelt wish of the people of Japan to host

the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Baron de Coubertin once said, “Olympism is a doctrine of the fraternity between the body

and the soul”. I associate myself with the spirit of his remark because fraternity, or yu-ai in

Japanese, has always been my philosophy. Today the Olympic Movement plays a vital

role in building bridges between diverse civilizations.

We are always excited to see the top athletes of the world challenge the limits of human

capacity. Watching them, in our heart, a new flame is lit. That flame motivates us to

question the limits we place upon ourselves and to believe that we really can make the

world a better place. Such is the magic of the Olympic Games. Therefore, the Japanese

people yearn for Tokyo to be at the heart of the enthusiasm and hope.

The International Olympic Committee has played an important role in the development of

the sport, culture and environment agenda as the essential missions of the Olympic

Movement. I wholeheartedly support this vision. That is why I announced an ambitious

goal for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, “25 % by 2020,” in my address to the United

Nations General Assembly last week.

That is also part of the reason why I am recommending Tokyo for the 2016 Olympic

Games. Tokyo is indeed well positioned to serve as a future model of public safety and

environmental sustainability. In Tokyo everyone will witness human endeavor thriving in

harmony with nature. We might call it “fraternity between man and nature,” and I believe it

will guide us forward. In hosting the 2016 Games, Tokyo will show the world how a major

metropolis can flourish without detriment to the environment.

Let me assure you of our full commitment to the success of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

I promise you, as Prime Minister of Japan, that the Government of Japan will guarantee

the financing of the Games. We will provide every resource and service needed to ensure

a lasting legacy. We will honor the Olympic Charter in both letter and spirit.

Here in Copenhagen, I can see that all the candidates have done their utmost to project a

powerful image of a successful event. Thus it will be a great honor and privilege for the

people of Japan if Tokyo is chosen from among these great cities.


Let us welcome you all to Tokyo, in 2016, to savor together the magic of the Olympic


Thank you for your kind attention.


[4] AV: FILM 1

Exactly 100 years ago, Japan was welcomed into the Olympic Family.

The country embraced the values of Olympism, reshaping its physical education system,

and setting the stage for a nationwide social transformation with Tokyo 1964.

Japan’s love affair with the Olympic Games is based on more than passion; it is a longterm

partnership – a commitment based on shared values and deep respect.

Japan understands – the power of sport to change the future.


[5] Governor Shintaro Ishihara

Thank you, Prime Minister.

President Rogge, ladies and gentlemen.

In 1964, I saw how the power of sport transformed Japan. And fifty years later, I still

believe in the power of the Olympic Games. I believe in the power of sport.

Resa, you remind us that today’s youth face great challenges. That is why I want to offer

our grandchildren the hope, the courage, and the power to face the future. That is why I

want to propose a new Olympic Games for the twenty-first century. This is totally

supported by Tokyo’s citizens.

We are now planting trees to create a Sea Forest – a forest for your competition venues.

Even the Olympic Stadium will have solar panels to provide clean energy. This will be your

demonstration of best practice for the world.

Tokyo is creating a model for a new society – a society inspired by sport and your own

Olympic Movement. And we will share our expertise with future host cities and the world.

It is symbolic that you will choose the 2016 host city here, the same venue as the COP15

United Nations Climate Change Conference this December. Your decision today could be

as significant as theirs.

It has been an inspiration to meet so many of you. Through the power of sport – through

the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – together we can encourage and

inspire the next generation, across the world, in Japan, and in Tokyo, where our people

live and breathe sport every day.

[6] AV: FILM 2


[7] Ichiro Kono

President Rogge, dear friends.

As Chair of Tokyo 2016, I appreciate the valuable advice you have given our team over

the last three years. You have encouraged us by saying Tokyo has an outstanding plan.

You told us that when Japanese people make a promise, we deliver. You have recognised

that our ability to organise international events is unquestioned.

At the same time, you have also encouraged us to show more passion. But we Japanese

are not good at showing our emotions.

One of you suggested we take a more Zen approach. Our words may be few. But they are

full of spirit. We will deliver everything we say.

As we shared with you in Lausanne, Tokyo 2016 has an outstanding plan for the Olympic

and Paralympic Games. Earlier this year our Olympian Prime Minister, Taro Aso, provided

solid financial guarantees. As you have heard today, these commitments have been reaffirmed

by Japan’s new Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama.

Governor Ishihara has established a 4 billion dollar Olympic Hosting Reserve Fund for

venue construction. He has also provided prime real estate land in Tokyo for every new

Games venue, including the Olympic Village.

Our transport network is extensive and complete.

We have secured a wide range of hotel rooms, in numbers that exceed your requirements

– all with no minimum stay, and all subject to price controls before, during and after the


With regard to public support, I’d like to thank the Evaluation Commission. All the

television stations covered your visit every day – a real reminder of how much we

Japanese people love the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Thanks to you, after your visit, public support greatly increased to over 80%.

The people of Japan are eager to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games..

Japan’s strongpoint – Tokyo’s strongpoint – is teamwork. Our proposal today is the

product of a team effort by:

• The government of Japan,

• the City of Tokyo,

• the Japanese Olympic Committee,

• the Japanese Paralympic Committee,

• The Japanese national sport federations,

• Athletes,

• The bid committee,

• and organisations all over the country.

Now I’d like to invite our team of athletes to explain our plans in more detail.


[8] Yuko Arakida

Distinguished members of the IOC. We represent all the athletes involved in the

preparation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for Tokyo

Our plans – for both venues and village – will come to life at the heart of the world’s most

exciting city. Tokyo 2016 offers a compact 8-kilometre-radius Games area that includes

nearly every competition venue.

At the centre of our plan, right at the heart of the Games area, is the Athletes’ Village. The

Village is not only close to training and competition venues, it also has easy access to the

beach on the Pacific Ocean.

They can also visit traditional palaces, world class restaurants, theatres and other cultural

attractions. Athletes from every sport will be able to enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of an

Olympic city. And, if you have never tried Karaoke, then we will take you.

You and your families are also guaranteed to have a terrific time in a city that offers so

much outside the venues.

As a member of the Tokyo 2016 Athletes’ Commission, and Chair of the Olympic Council

of Asia Athletes’ Committee, I am very proud to say that our plan is the best plan for

athletes. The best for sport. And the best for the Games.


[9] Aki Taguchi

On behalf of all the Paralympians in Japan, we are delighted to have the opportunity to

address you today. Now I am very happy to introduce my good friend Junichi Kawai to talk

about Tokyo 2016’s Paralympic plans.

[10] Junichi Kawai

Dear Members of the IOC and IPC. It is an honour to be with you today.

Especially here in Copenhagen, which is very symbolic for me. Copenhagen is the

birthplace Mr Niels Bank-Mikkelson – not a name many of you will know, but he was a

great champion for the normalisation of people with a disability.

All of us at Tokyo 2016 believe the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be a single, unified

celebration of sport and culture. Indeed, the Olympic and Paralympic Games share the

essence of sport: striving to exceed one’s own limits.

Tokyo’s city-centre Olympic facilities will also be used for the Paralympic Games. All

venues, including the Village, will meet or exceed universal accessibility standards.

For Tokyo 2016 it doesn’t matter which is more amazing: for an able-bodied sprinter to run

the 100m in 9.58 seconds, or for an athlete amputee to run it in 10.91. The important thing

is to challenge and exceed your own limits. This is what I want to share with young


I would like to end by saying this: With eyes in my heart, I can see a passionate crowd,

cheering with all their might, and moved to tears in Tokyo 2016.

Thank you.


[11] Koji Murofushi

I can’t wait for the Games to come to Tokyo! As an athlete, it would be my ultimate dream.

The Tokyo 64 games happened long before I was born. But their legacy lives on, with

incredible venues in Tokyo. The Olympic legacy also lives on in our people. And as an

Olympic Champion, I try to live the spirit of Olympism.

I have a short story to share with you.

The designer of the nineteen sixty-four Olympic Cauldron was Mr Bungo Suzuki. And

every year, for forty-four years, he lovingly cleaned his creation with sesame seed oil.

Bungo died last year, so now I join his family to continue this tradition, protecting your

great gift to Japan, nurturing a symbol of hope and inspiration.

And now in Japan there is a whole new generation of youth; of athletes; of volunteers.

Just look at the international Tokyo Marathon. It has thirty five thousand runners, cheered

on by two million spectators, with thirteen thousand deeply committed volunteers. So

regardless of race, religion or culture, Japan will welcome the world to our heart in 2016.

We aim to set the stage for your heroes to exceed their best performances. We aim to

help you to inspire the world’s youth to play sport – to develop healthy minds as well as

healthy bodies – and to fall in love with the magic of your Games.


[12] Mikako Kotani

The reason I believe so strongly in our bid isn’t because I’m Japanese, or because I love


It’s because of “peak experiences” – those shining moments when everything goes just

right. Moments when an athlete achieves a physical and mental peak that leads to a super

performance. A performance that moves the audience to tears – that gives them goose


When that happens, an athlete feels happy and grateful just to be alive. I was fortunate to

know such moments as a synchronised swimmer. I believe so strongly in this bid because

I believe Tokyo 2016 is setting the stage for every athlete to experience such moments.


Outstanding facilities…

A city that’s safe, vibrant and lots of fun.

A city of warm, hospitable people who are passionate about sport.

Tokyo is setting the stage for every athlete’s peak performance and peak experience.

That is why I am part of this team.

As Olympians and Paralympians, we know the Games should be held in the city that

offers the best stage for athletes. I can honestly say and promise to you: “That’s our



[13] AV: FILM 3

The Games in Tokyo set the stage for heroic performance at the heart of the largest city in

the world.

At the center of the Games area, the Olympic Village offers athletes an outstanding

natural environment.

Tokyo 2016’s fleet of green vehicles provides clean, quiet transport along the Olympic

Route Network.

Accreditation cards and spectator tickets enable easy access to transport information and

unlimited use of public transport services.

Games hotels are located in the city center for easy access to competition, tourism and


More than half of Tokyo’s nearly 60,000 taxis run on clean electric power.

After competition, athletes are free to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Only two hours from Tokyo by bullet train, the World Heritage sites of Kyoto make an easy

day trip.

The Games are woven into the fabric of a safe, dynamic city that pulses with festive


Amid rich natural surroundings, the Olympic Stadium is center stage for conveying the

power of sport to the world.

Tokyo 2016: where all athletes can perform at their peak – where the power of sport

shines at its brightest.


[14] Tsunekazu Takeda

President Rogge, members of the IOC and the Olympic Family.

As President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, I am proud of Tokyo’s plan.

It reflects the ideas of world-class athletes. And it represents a close collaboration

between the City of Tokyo and the JOC.

Tokyo 2016 will be a Games by Olympians, for Olympians. I am confident that these

Games – Olympic and Paralympic – will set the stage for heroic performances by the

finest athletes in the world.

To my NOC and NPC colleagues around the world, please send your athletes with

complete peace of mind. We will, of course, provide travel support for your national athlete

delegations, their equipment, and horses.

We will also help you secure pre-Games training camps and we will provide discounted

rate cards.

I pledge our full support so that your athletes can relax and focus on their competition.

To our friends from the International Federations responsible for organizing the Olympic

and Paralympic competition, you have our total commitment to work closely with all of our

national federations to ensure outstanding competition management.

Our dream is also for the youth of the twenty-first century – young people like Resa all

over the world.

Tokyo 2016 wants to convey to them the joy of sport, the spirit of the Olympic Games, and

the ultimate goal of the Olympic Movement: world peace through sport.

As President of the Japanese Olympic Committee, I offer you, the Olympic Family, my

solemn commitment: a commitment to work under your leadership to host Olympic and

Paralympic Games that demonstrate the power of sport to foster positive change. Games

that will give the youth of the world the courage to face their future. Games that will bring a

new generation to the Olympic Movement.

Dear IOC members, please give us the opportunity to host these games.

I ask this from my heart.

Thank you


[15] Ichiro Kono

President Rogge, members of the IOC.

Now – today – many young people from all around the world have their eyes on Tokyo.


Because Japanese technology and youth culture – robots, fashion, manga, anime

characters – are global in their appeal.

With so many young people across the world interested in our city, Tokyo 2016 will offer

you the perfect opportunity to reach a new generation through the power of sport. In fact,

we have already begun.

We have many projects that target the younger generation through sport and education.

For example last May, we launched the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute.

Its aim is to promote Olympic values through education and research. It will also support

the fight against doping through education.

That’s an issue I have been passionate about for more than 20 years. As a doctor, I have

devoted much of my career to the fight against doping. So I am proud that Japan has

been one of the leaders in promoting anti-doping activities both regionally and globally.

The new Institute will also conduct a worldwide outreach programme of social

development and peace through sport. And following your decision today, Tokyo hopes to

collaborate with the youth camps of Vancouver 2010, London 2012 and Sochi 2014,

uniting the youth of the world through Olympism.

At the start of the presentation our young gymnast Resa mentioned great challenges. She

told us that many of her friends around the world are not playing sport.

Tokyo 2016 will inspire young people from all over the world to take up sport themselves –

to find courage through sport, to achieve fulfilment through sport, and to dream their future

through sport.

With your vote, Tokyo 2016 can help make their dreams come true.

Starting today.

[16] AV: FILM 4


[17] Shun-ichiro Okano

President Rogge, dear colleagues.

Tokyo 2016 proposes to work closely with the IOC to meet the aims of the Olympic

Charter. We have proposed a new Olympic and Paralympic Games for Resa, and her

generation around the world.

Sport is my life. The Tokyo Olympic Games is my dream, and your support is my final

Olympic wish.

Thank you.

[18] Ichiro Kono

Mr President, on behalf of all of Tokyo 2016, and the whole of Japan, we would like to

thank you, the Olympic Movement, for the opportunity to become your partners in 2016

and beyond.

Thank you!

President Rogge, that concludes the presentation for Tokyo 2016.

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