“Tokyo Exercise” Campaign Boost For 2016 Olympic Bid

Tokyo 2016 launched its “Tokyo Exercise” campaign Friday to promote the concept of healthy living and encourage participation in sport for residents of the city.

Tokyo Governor Ishihara said at a press conference for the launch, “Tokyo has created a new exercise that will benefit people of all generations as well as support our effort to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016”.

At the press conference five members of the Japanese idol group AKB48 and 60-year-old manga artist Yoshikazu Ebisu performed the dance-style exercise, which comprises active and sitting versions.

According to Tokyo 2016 the active version, which is targeted at young people who love to dance, can be performed as a warm-up exercise before sports activities at school or in the workplace. The sitting version is for people of all ages including those with chronic afflictions, stiff shoulders or weak backs, to encourage them to exercise while sitting at work or at home.

“Tokyo Exercise” reportedly “captures the essence of both the Tokyo 2016’s Games Plan and the Musubi Promise, which aims to unite youth with sport”.