Tokyo 2016’s Green Commitment Highlighted At Forum

The Green Action Forum held October 12, highlighted Tokyo 2016’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability. At the forum three Japanese sport heroes emphasized the power of the Olympic Games to bring global issues to the international fore and serve as a catalyst for action and change.

A Tokyo 2016 press release said the Green Action Forum considered how to unify sports with environmental sustainability.

The forum was co-hosted by the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japanese Environment Ministry’s Team Minus 6, a group tasked with reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by six per cent based on Japan’s international commitments to the Kyoto Protocol.

Japanese sports officials, athletes and other dignitaries attending the forum issued a resolution for immediate concrete steps to address pressing environmental issues. These include carbon-offset sporting events that support the Olympic Movement and goal of a “carbon-minus” Olympic and Paralympic Games, a low-carbon society that utilizes sport to promote the health of both people and the plant, and individuals encouraging friends and family to take daily action to prevent further global warming.

According to the press release the commitments accord with Tokyo 2016’s pledge to deliver the most environmentally friendly Olympic and Paralympic Games in history, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “ambitious” 10-year plan for Tokyo to undergo the greatest urban and environmental transformation the world has ever seen.

Under the plan Tokyo would add more than 1,000 hectares of new greenery and create a heavily forested landfill island in Tokyo Bay to allow cool breezes to flow into the heart of the city.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “Tokyo 2016 wholeheartedly supports the forum and its goals, which closely accord with our vision to unite green concepts with the 2016 Games and the government’s plan to establish Tokyo as a model for sustainable urban development in the 21st century. We look forward to creating a green legacy for the Olympic Movement, all of Japan and the entire international community in 2016 and beyond”.

Meanwhile Tokyo’s 2016 bid has more support. Former French president Jacques Chirac Tuesday backed its candidacy.

At a function at the French embassy in Tokyo Chirac said, “I hope that the city of Tokyo succeeds in its campaign to have the Olympic Games in 2016. I am certain that the Games will find here in Tokyo a fertile ground to send the world a message of solidarity”.