Tokyo 2016 Unveils New Emblem, Launches Athletes’ Commission

Tokyo’s Governor Shintaro Ishihara unveiled the new Tokyo 2016 emblem Thursday and launched the Tokyo 2016 Athletes’ Commission as its bid continues towards the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

According to a media release the new emblem Musubi is a traditional Japanese knot which signifies unity, and is symbolic of Tokyo’s commitment to hosting an Olympic and Paralympic Games that will unite Japan and the world, and also herald the greatest metropolitan and environmental transformation in history for the benefit of Japan and the Olympic movement. The new logo now features the Olympic rings, denoting the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) selection of Tokyo as a 2016 “Candidate City”.

Tokyo 2016 says that key to its Games plan will be the insight of the newly formed Tokyo 2016 Athlete’s Commission, created to ensure the needs, comfort and performance of elite athletes are at the very core of its Games concept and Candidature File.

Governor Ishihara said, “we recognize that our recent selection as a Candidate City marks really just the beginning of our journey in this selection process for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. To mark the occasion we are proud and extremely excited to unveil our new emblem. Today we also welcome the support and invaluable guidance of former Japanese Olympians, Paralympians and other top athletes as we launch the Tokyo 2016 Athletes’ Commission. We look forward to making best use of their intimate knowledge of venues and facilities, as well as the tremendous energy that the athletes on this commission will impart to the Bid Committee, as we work together to plan one of the most compact and spectacular Games ever”.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the Musubi, together with the values it represents, symbolizes Tokyo 2016’s commitment to the Olympic Movement. By bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Tokyo in 2016 we will be uniting youth and sport, old and new Japan, heritage and innovation, the Games and city life, and Green with 2016, creating an environment that can serve as a benchmark throughout the world. We will be integrating the Games into the very heart and soul of city life and inspiring our young athletes with a new golden age of sporting success”

Mikako Kotani, Chair of the Tokyo 2016 Athletes’ Commission said, “taking part in the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of an athlete’s dreams and is about looking inside for the best possible performance. As athletes and Olympians, the members of the Tokyo 2016 Athletes’ Commission are absolutely passionate about providing the best possible ideas for the Tokyo 2016 Games plan. This will include looking at ways to optimize training and sporting venues for the benefit of athletes from across the globe and ensuring the finest spectacle imaginable at the very heart of our vibrant capital city”.

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