Tokyo 2016 To Present At Major Conference

Tokyo 2016 Deputy Director General Hidetoshi Maki is in Munich ahead of a presentation he’s giving Tuesday to delegates at the ISPO SpoBis 2009 – Europe’s largest sport business conference.

During his speech Maki will highlight the bid’s “compact and sustainable Games plan, its robust and guaranteed finances and its strong environmental credentials” said a Tokyo 2016 press release.

Maki, who spearheads Tokyo 2016’s domestic and international promotional activities, will present during the International Sports Preview section of the conference in a discussion entitled “Olympics 2016: Candidate Cities and their perspectives”.

The ISPO SpoBis conference, formerly called the ISPO Sports Sponsoring Conference, is on February 2 and 3 at the International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), and is attracting more than 1,500 delegates, with 160 speakers, more than 30 active conference partners, and 20 forums on special topics.