Tokyo 2016 Taxi And Rail Campaign Promotes Bid

Tokyo 2016 has launched a fleet of special taxis “celebrating the efficient and integrated transport network” of the city with official Tokyo 2016 branding and messaging, said a Tokyo 2016 press release.

Tokyo 2016 ambassadors joined thousands of bid supporters at an unveiling in Odaiba in the heart of Tokyo.

A special Olympic countdown tree was inaugurated along with a new Tokyo 2026 advertising campaign for Japan Rail’s major eastern lines.

Under the taxi promotion between March 16 and October 2 every taxi in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area will have distinctive stickers emblazoned with a Tokyo 2016 bid message.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “Tokyo 2016 is very appreciative of the support we have received from the taxi and rail industries, which are two key elements of our vibrant capital city’s top-class transport infrastructure

“Tokyo 2016’s bid plan is designed specifically to take advantage of the city’s transportation strengths – from its speedy and efficient train routes and highway system to its promotion of low-emission vehicles and thousands of friendly, multilingual staff at important visitor hubs. Tokyo’s ability to move millions of people rapidly and comfortably during a memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games can serve as a showcase to future host cities and major urban centres worldwide”.

Major links to the heart of Tokyo will be operational 24 hours a day during the Tokyo 2016 Games.

Meanwhile between March 16 and April 20 a special Tokyo 2016 bid message poster will be on display in 97,800 passenger cars on the major Japan Rail Eastern rail lines.

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