Tokyo 2016 Supports Green Cycling Event

Tokyo 2016’s bid committee has announced its full support for the COP15 Cycling Tour. In association with COP15, the 15th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the series of cycling events will help spread the conference’s message of environmental responsibility through sustainable activities such as cycling, said a Tokyo 2016 press release.

The tour, a carbon neutral undertaking, will carry its message to nine major Japanese cities. It started in Tokyo May 23 and will end on May 31 in Kyoto, the city in which the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change was signed in 1997. The Embassy of Denmark in Japan under the leadership of His Excellency Ambassador Franz-Michael Skjold Melbin, an ardent supporter of Tokyo 2016, spearheaded the event.

Tokyo 2016 Chair and CEO Dr. Ichiro Kono said, “Tokyo 2016 fully supports the COP15 Cycling Tour as well as the aims of the COP15 Conference. I am extremely grateful to our Danish friends for organizing such an innovative way to encourage people to make changes to their daily lives to combat climate change.

“Tokyo 2016 is inspired by COP15’s efforts to tackle environmental degradation and is committed to delivering a Games that is a critical part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s 10-year Project for a Carbon-Minus Tokyo”.