Tokyo 2016 Supports Asia Junior Sport Exchange Games 2008

Tokyo 2016 congratulated junior athletes from more than 15 Asian cities taking part in the Asia Junior Sport Exchange Games 2008 in Tokyo.

More than 200 young hopefuls participated in the Tokyo 2016-supported event, which included Badminton and Judo competitions for boys and girls, international training camps in the two sports, and a cultural exchange with schools in Tokyo.

The aim of the event, according to a Tokyo 2016 press release, is to “foster the youngsters’ technical and mental improvement while encouraging friendship among different nationalities in the true spirit of the Olympic Movement – outcomes shared by Tokyo’s bid to host a unique, compact Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016”.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the Asia Junior Sport Exchange Games 2008 unites Tokyo and other major Asian cities through sport and serves to nurture the next generation of sports stars. Tokyo 2016 has unequivocal support for these efforts as part of our ‘Uniting Our Worlds’ vision. We want to help connect people from different walks of life, create communities, and build the ties to the past that inspire the future, and inspire a shared passion for sport that unites us all.

“The opportunity to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016 coincides perfectly with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s ten-year master plan – ‘Tokyo’s Big Change’ – a dramatic urban and environmental transformation that will be the greatest the world has ever seen. This metropolitan showcase will unite the needs of Tokyo and the Olympic Movement and deliver a Games and legacy that Japan, the Olympic Movement, and the entire world can be proud of”.

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