Tokyo 2016 Promotes Strategic Plan At World Sport Congress

Tokyo 2016 said in a press release its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games was strengthened at the 12th World Sport For All Congress 2008 being held in Genting, Malaysia November 3 to 6, as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government reinforced its strategic plan “Sport Tokyo For All: The Master Plan for the Advancement of Sports”. The plan was designed to improve the fitness and well being of all Tokyo citizens, said the press release.

The plan comprises three key strategies to promote sports and seamlessly integrate sports into the everyday lives of Tokyo’s citizens, especially the young people. Tokyo’s strategy also aims to develop the sporting talents of the city’s future generations and to create a model of sporting society for cities across the globe.

The three key strategies are: to create ease of access to sport for all; identify, develop and support new sporting talent; and establish a framework to ensure the success of Sport Tokyo for All.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “as the congress discussed people’s inactivity and obesity issues, Tokyo 2016 is committed to encouraging participation in sports and physical activity, especially among young people. We have the strong values in connecting people through friendship, a mutual respect and a desire to achieve excellence in everything we do that we share with the Olympic Movement.

“Tokyo 2016 has already implemented a number of practical strategies which will undoubtedly establish a global precedent to support the growth of the international sports movement. We are committed to building on the unprecedented support of our bid currently enjoys across all levels of society, and to continuing to promote sports for the benefit of not only Japan and the international sports community, but also the entire globe”, he said.